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Saturday, January 01, 2005

THREE OPEN & MODERATED FORUM (post messages or become member)

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Chess Composition & End-Game Message Feed (enter)

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Open and Moderated Bohemian Phased Chess Composition
(Meredith) and Endgame (malyutka, miniature, jeopardy,
brevity, minimal) Forum.

SUBJECTS (not excluding any)

1.) General expressions

2.) Problem-forms

3.) Figure-theme's
a) Activity of a single piece
b) activity of multiple pieces

4.) Chess-theme's

5.) Pin and Anti-Pin
a) Pinning
b) Anti-pinning
c) Combinations of Pinning and Anti-pinning
d) The Nietvelt-Schiffmancomplex

6.) Mate change

7.) Mate Images

8.) Square-theme's

9.) Line-theme's
a) Battery-theme
b) Interference
c) "Barulin"-theme-complex
d) Critical and Anti-critical moves
e) Annihalation
f) Other line-theme's

10.) Modern check-mate differentiation and continued
a) Correction play
b) Dual avoidence
- Active dual avoidence
- Passive dual avoidence
c) Switch on
d) Switch over/conversion
e) Combinations
f) Continued attack

11.) The logic problem: Parade-substitution

12.) Endgame theory & study (with pawns 95% and Rook's 50%)
Basic endgames, Conjugate Squares, Corresponding Squares, Zugzwang,
etc. etc.)

13.) Chess Variants Fairy Chess (red: we will include Chess960)

14.) Tournament & rating information

15.) Varia (e.g. open games, Sicilian defence, Other semi-open games,
Queen's gambit, Flank- & Irregular, Indian defence, Queen pawn
opening, Other opening systems -super system III-).

Forum Messages listed ::

Chess Composition & End-Game Message Feed (enter)


We also host a Forum for active open and moderated discussions with reference to
The (Fossilized) Whooly Mammoth (messages listed)

Finally, we also host a Forum for active, open and moderated discussion
with reference to collectors, artists, guilds (pen, musical instruments, jewelry , clothes, figurines, wood, metal, stone, including chess and other fine-arts.

Here you can post items for sale as well as enquire for appreasal or advice.

All three groups are easily accecable and flexible in use.

All active, open and moderated groups are besides the Creative Commence Licence, subject to, abbreviation and moderation as well as::


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