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Saturday, January 01, 2005


- Sent ChessEarthDotInfo Artices

Every article posted on ChessEarthDotInfo can be sent to your own, or another email address.

Easy to store your own references or vitrines from the Gallery, The Compendium, Chess Variants or the extensive webdirectory of abstract boardgames.

The information you provide on this form will not be used for anything other than sending the email to you, or your friend. This feature is not to be used for advertising or excessive self-promotion.

Simply press the "enveloppe tag" at the end of each article.

- Comment on ChessEartDotInfo Articles

Post a comment with the chess compendium and the chess variants and if applicable.

Post as a member of Blogger/Google, or post a comment anonymously.

Simply press the "# comment", at the end of each Article.

- Leave a Message at ShoutBox

On every page a ShoutBox is in place for interactive remarks and queries in regards of ChessEarthDotInfo. The Messages will be seen in public and it is a great way to promote your (chess) website.

- Free e-mail alert service

Keep on track of the latest developments addendums, technical references and collector, artist news updates, by joining the periodical free e-mail alert service, sent an email with a subscription request to the email address mentioned.

- Open and Moderated Forums

Please join the Yahoo Open and Moderated (3)

Chess composition & Endgame Forum, The Woolly Mammoth or the ancient to avant-garde Netsuke Sculpture forum.

The messages of the chess forum are listed on this website as well. You can join all three forums or sent message as visitor.

- Webmaster banner exchange / Affiliates / Syndicate /Translate

ChessEarthDotInfo offers many technical devices to syndicate the internet venue. Please contact us for webmaster and affiliates requests, we would be pleased to exchange banners. Also the webpage can be translated from English to a variety of languages.

Specifically, we mention SPURL bookmarks, ARENA Free #1 Chess Software.

- Pleistocene Fossils & Exclusive Netsuke sculpture Chess gallery

ChessEarthDotInfo refers to the Gallery for affordable hand made exclusive chess-desks, and other (new / dated) chess tools & collectables.

Our pleistocene Fossils inventory for exhibit to musea, collections, and basic material for artists, gilds, etc.

Rythmos Creative Advisory also receives many requests for other Netsuke sculptures exclusive work by renowned contemporary european artists and refers also to article Netsuke mentioned on the gallery.

Rythmos Creative Advisory commissions exclusively to The Mammoth Society Ltd and renowned (european) netsuke artists.

- Advertisment disclaimer

Rythmos Creative Advisory cannot be held liable for any advertisment stated on the webpage of ChessEarthDotInfo or any resulting transaction. However, we invite you to visit one or more of our selected affiliates mentioned in the articles as well as on the right colom of the webpage.

- Staff required

Candidates, GM, with sufficient chess experience and who can train novice to club-players to a substantial improved level on all aspects of the cosmopolitan chess game (UK, DE, FR, IT, SP, etc).

Artists and craftsman, with affinity with abstract boardgames and chess in particulare.

Webmasters who can build and maintain a high-end games website (Java, php, Linux, etc) as well as assist with the email database.

- Contact

We refer to the e-mail mentioned.

All rights retained under Dutch law.

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